HPO is a nonprofit organization dedicated to growing a stronger, healthier, more vibrant polyamorous community through the development of educational resources and volunteer opportunities, and by advocating for the polyamorous lifestyle with integrity.

We have set up a GOFUNDME account where you can donate.

Visit us on Facebook.

What is required?
As an educational nonprofit, we would be required to publish regular educational material that benefits the community.

What are we planning? 
An educational website where people from the community can post:
-articles and opinion pieces
These will cover topics including but not limited to:
-family legal issues

We will also be able to use the HPO name to host events that give back to the community and to be a representative at PRIDE and other lgbt, lifestyle and family events.  The organization will be used to help spread awareness and increase the visibility of polyamory as a valid, healthy and natural relationship and family model.

Donations will be spent to fund:
-Houston Polyamory Organization website and ongoing maintenance cost
-Fees associated with applying for 501c3 nonprofit status in the state of Texas
-Registration fees associated with participating in Houston PRIDE as a nonprofit organization
-Supplies and services needed to host a fundraiser to raise funds for the poly PRIDE float and HPO nonprofit.