Love is Infinite

ManylovesThere seems to be an inclination that love spent on one person will detract from the love spent on the other. As a polyamorous woman, I’ve had plenty of partners express this sentiment that’s incredibly attached to their monogamous minds.

“I don’t want you spending all your love on all these people and not leaving any for me,” is something I’ve heard far more than once in many different ways.

A belief of the poly people is that love does not run out. It is said to increase when there is more of it being shared. Love changes, grows, and looks different in all of its forms, but it cannot be depleted. This is a major concept that changes the way relationships function.

Quality time and material resources that represent love can be spent and run out. This can sometimes be confused for the love itself and is not a healthy way to view a connection with a person. While is is always important to understand the love languages of your partner and make an effort to meet their needs, these acts are product of love, not the whole cigar.

Whether you define love as a choice or a feeling, it is a resource that transcends quantity. The insecurity you may feel when I partners love is “running out” might be somewhere inside of you. Express that feeling and find out how to let more love in even when it isn’t being communicated in a material way.

This is good news for relationships. It means that those feelings have a definitive and fixable cause viagra en inde. It also means that love can be bountiful in your life and grow to a scale you never thought imaginable. That’s a beautiful, infinite thing.