Austin’s StoryX Explores Non-Monogamy

I have been incredibly lucky to be contacted for many educational and creative opportunities to share my Polyamorous lifestyle with others. I was honored to take a trip to Austin and perform on a storytelling show surrounding a subject I’m very passionate about.

StoryX is an experimental storytelling project based out of Austin, Texas. Creator Roman Gonzalez describes the events as “terrifying and exciting” due to their incredibly unexpected and unprecedented nature. Like most true storytelling nights, Roman has a lineup of storytellers centered around a theme, but he tries to create a curious and productively uncomfortable experience by playing with storytelling format, incorporating philosophical, dark, or challenging themes, or by highlighting underrepresented lineups of speakers. Each experimental event supports a local charity. The installment of StoryX that I participated in contributed to The Lilith Fund for Reproductive Rights.

Previously, this innovative storytelling platform put on a show that featured storytellers being probed by another person to resolve their story as well as a show entirely about death. Roman explained that his inclination to delve into dark deep subjects is what inspired the creation of StoryX.

The theme of “Monogamy?” for the February show was inspired specifically because the subject is uncomfortable and underrepresented. “I wanted to take a stand in support of that community and bring that conversation to people who had never considered it,” the Roman said.

The performers communicated their relationship to monogamy and how they choose to challenge it. I saw people recount their problems with labels, their threesome experiences, and their emotional vulnerability in the face of extreme prejudice and slut shaming. One performer came out as Non-Monogamous on stage for the first time in their life. Another relayed her experience of extreme jealousy and what it had done to them.

The stories were raw and real and super enlightening. Not many of the performers had experiences with structured Polyamory. They were mostly in a state of rejecting Non-Monogamy and finding their place in those feelings. Those confusions and explorations playing out on stage were really impactful.

You can follow the project here to stay tuned for what’s next.


Britt Vasicek | @fullabritt |
Writer, comedian, polyamorist & producer living in Houston, TX.